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Not Just a Soup Mix Company

Many of us have probably used a Knorr soup mix at one time or another. However, did you know that Knorr is so much more than just a dried soup mix purveyor? Oh, yes! This German company also makes a diverse range of offerings from other cultures. How about pineapple curry sauce, Greek salad dressing, or South African peri-peri seasoning for a start?

Enjoy a Bowlful

Even the famous Knorr dried soup mixes have an international flair. There's Japanese corn cream, Italian tomato mozzarella, and German semolina dumpling soups (among others) to satisfy your cosmopolitan cravings.

If you enjoy creating your own flavorful soups, you can jumpstart your creations with Knorr bouillon or soup stocks. Their Vegetable Delicacy Broth is a rich, aromatic broth loaded with the hearty flavors of vegetables, herbs, and spices. Enjoy it on its own or add your special touch to turn this tasty broth into a full-bodied soup. May we suggest some spaetzle egg noodles?

Pair a bowl of soup with a salad for a quick, yet satisfying, light meal. Knorr makes a great variety of salad dressing mixes. There are enough to enjoy a different flavorful salad every night of the week and then some!

It's a Meal Made Easy!

That's right — Knorr also produces a range of delicious and convenient seasoning mixes for those busy nights when you just want something quick, easy, and tasty. Use Knorr seasonings and that meal will taste like you spent hours laboring over it. Only you will know the truth about how quick and easy it really was!

There are plenty of German favorites on the Knorr menu, of course. Some of them include wiener schnitzel breading, schweinebraten (braised pork roast) seasoning, and creamy schnitzel sauce mix to bring back memories of favorite German comfort meals.

Other international favorites include Spaghetti Bolognese sauce, champignon mushroom sauce, and gourmet curry sauce, And don't forget the classic Hollandaise sauce. Eggs Benedict, asparagus, and many other dishes just wouldn't taste the same without it!

Knorr liquid seasoning adds the rich, savory flavor you'll love. Try Zigeuner Gypsy Style Sauce on scrambled eggs or grilled meats. Creamy garlic sauce is the perfect complement to vegetables or grilled fish. It's a natural in pasta dishes, too! Knorr even offers a variety of flavorful ketchups for your enjoyment. Choose between tomato, curry, and spicy hot to liven up your next hamburger or meatloaf.

Buy Knorr Products Online

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