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Meaty Cotton Candy: Give Chinese pork floss a taste at Yummy Bazaar!

If you’re looking for exquisite culinary discoveries to add to your daily menu, you’ve got the right address! We want to talk about the infamous Chinese pork floss, also known as pork sung or pork fu! Maybe you’ve never heard of these names in your life unless you’re Chinese; in that case, you’re probably wondering where to buy pork floss online. Well, you’re in luck! At Yummy Bazaar, we have the most delicious Kimbo brand pork fu & pork sung too! For our newbies dying to try this Chinese snack, first, let’s break down the best pork floss varieties!

You can find two main types of pork floss at Yummy Bazaar: Kimbo Pork Sung, also known as Kimbo Ruosong, is flaky, dried pork floss, resembling cotton candy in a way. But, it’s definitely meatier, saltier, and crispier...With just a hint of sweetness, this savory pork floss is the perfect snack for meat-lovers, but it also has various applications in modern cuisine! Serving with rice porridge is the ultimate traditional Chinese way to taste this savory luncheon, but you can also bake pork floss buns! Simply make basic soft Asian bread rolls and get handy to assemble the buns! Season your pork sung with sesame seeds, chopped scallion, and anything else you’d like, cut your buns in the center, like hot-dog buns, and put pork sung mix in! Don’t forget to add moisture for the final touch; we recommend garlic mayo, but you’re free to experiment with flavors! That’s it; now you can enjoy a deliciously fluffy take on the simple hot-dog concept!

We also happen to have Kimbo Roufu, which is less fried, therefore much tender on the tongue, and it’s less shredded, so it’s definitely mushier than pork sung. Kimbo Pork Fu will be the perfect addition to your pasta; maybe it can even replace your basic meatballs. Can you imagine how exquisite that will taste? You’ll never know if you won’t try! So, get your hands on pork fu, or pork sung and get cooking!

Try Chinese Meat Floss at Yummy Bazaar!

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