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A good cuppa goes Oolong way: Shop Kenchakan Japanese tea online!

Claiming the record of being one of the first tea consumers, we think we have to hand it to China when it comes to brewing a perfect cuppa! Come on; they started in 2000 B.C, they are a couple of steps ahead of everyone else. So, when we heard about Oolong tea, one of the most popular blends of East Asia, even considered traditional Chinese tea by many, we had to research! Oolong tea is neither black nor green - a perfect example of how the world is not just black and white, right? - it’s just in the league of its own uniqueness! Combining the best characteristics of both blends, Oolong is a perfectly oxidized complex tea ready to broaden your repertoire and add a little glitz to your days! If you’re looking for something other than English Breakfast or Assam, then we have a special treat just for you - peruse our online collection of Japanese dark oolong tea by Kenchakan, and treat your taste buds with the full body of flavors!

Kenchakan Oolong tea bags will have no trouble satisfying even the fussiest tea lovers! When it comes to perfectly processed dark tea resulting in rich brown color and complex flavor - Kenchakan is the one you go for, without further questions. Being one of the most labor-intensive blends, oolong is worth every praise it gets; especially this Japanese delight - serving as an example that it’s possible to train and master the black dragon of Wulong! Presenting true mastership of tea processing, a cup of Kenchakan oolong tea will satisfy all of your sweet cravings with ease: underlying lusciousness keeps soothing your minds and soul with every sip, and once your cuppa is empty, there is a new, sharp, and crisp you left behind! So, order now, elevate your breakfast oolong with fresh lemon slices and get the maximum pep-up effect for starting your day on the right foot!

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