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Kawagishi Shokai is the leading food company in East Asia, offering an extensive range of condiments and other delicious treats made from only the highest quality ingredients! And you already know that we make it our mission to deliver all the premium-quality international delights to your front porch without hurting your wallet, right?! This is precisely why we’re offering you to give the yummiest Kawagishi Shokai instant noodles a try to embellish your fast-paced life! To intrigue you, even more, let’s explore our tasty collection, shall we?

Kawagishi Shokai thick Udon noodles are the ultimate base for your tasty meals! Japan’s favorite, udon noodles, have various applications that will instantly excite your taste buds for the day and improve your mood! Perfect for busy college students, but these authentic Japanese thick udon noodles can do much more if you put a little more effort into them! We like to mix cooked noodles with a drizzle of soy sauce and embellish them with garnish, scallions, dried shrimps, and diced tofu on top! If you’re feeling like dancing around in the kitchen, you can use these tasty noodles for your delicious veggie stir-fries or Asian-style soup! But we’re confident that whatever you’ll decide to cook will fill up the room with the most delicious aromas! Don’t take our word for it; shop now, and we will be happy to deliver this treat to your front door!

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