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Add refreshing flavors to your day with Kanro Japanese candy!

Keeping delicious snacks at arm’s reach can make a world of difference, especially if you are always on the run! And today, at Yummy Bazaar, we want to give your secret snack drawer a flavorful update - that’s why we are introducing you to the most moreish Japanese soft candy by Kanro! Kanro has been treating its customers to “the sweetest nectars of heaven” for more than 70 years, delivering flavors of happiness through their enchanting sweets! Luckily, at Yummy Bazaar, you are bound to find one of the most delicious Kanro Pure Gummy Series delights waiting just for you!

If you look closely on our digital shelves, you can find the chewiest treat for your long day at work - Kanro Pure grape gummy, equally loved by children AND parents in Japan! Munching on these Japanese grape gummies feels like snacking on the freshest grapes - delivering the unbelievable burst of flavor and zing with a single bite! They start with a hit of subtle sourness, just to be soon flattened by the delightful nectar of grapes! These Kanro Pure gummies pack a delicious punch that’s guaranteed to spoil your taste buds with vibrant flavors, no matter what’s on your mind. So, order these Japanese snacks for your quick pick-me-up, or as an essential addition to your candy bowl for Halloween, and unlock a whole new world of tasty!

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