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Taste every flavor you could ever imagine with Jordan’s Skinny Mixes syrups

Do you ever look at something and immediately think that your younger self would absolutely love it? That’s exactly what we think every time we see one of the unbelievably colorful syrups from Jordan’s Skinny Mixes (well, maybe not the cocktail ones, but still). And with titles like Cotton candy, caramel fudge waffle cone, birthday cake, and unicorn syrup, who could blame us? They sound like a dream (and taste like one too)!

So in order to make sure that all of your drinks - both virgin AND alcoholic - end up tasting like a magical treat, we have compiled an incredible selection of the best sugar-free syrups from Jordan’s Skinny Mixes. Look through our colorful digital shelves and choose your favorites!

Do you feel like making the most decadent and flavorful hot chocolate? Maybe with some coffee aromas mixed in? Well, you’re in luck because with our sugar-free white chocolate mocha syrup, that challenging task is going to become the easiest culinary endeavor you’ve ever taken upon yourself! Want to make it even better? Add a drizzle of our sugar-free salted caramel syrup - great with hot chocolate and your daily frothy cappuccino!

How about some options that are great in lemonades as well as sangrias and elaborate cocktails? We’ve got more than enough to share! For the upcoming hot summer days, create the most refreshing iced teas with our sugar-free peach syrup! Planning to have a couple of friends over for an afternoon party? Cool down and brighten the mood with some sangria from our sugar-free Meyer lemon-raspberry syrup, cherry skinny syrup, or even a bit of dragon fruit acai skinny syrup for an intriguing twist! And if you happen to be trying out a keto for the first time, don’t worry; with our varied Keto syrup options, you can enjoy all of the flavors without having to stray away from your daily diet!

Cocktails have never been more straightforward either! Use Jordan’s skinny margarita mix to create the most flavorful icy drinks that are bound to become your guests’ new favorites, or add a bit of tropical twist to your celebration with our skinny pina colada mix! You could also come up with your own drinks with flavors that range from unfamiliar to nostalgic by simply using our stunning peppermint bark syrup or the rich sugar-free mocha syrup! A little bit goes a long way - just a dash added to even the most mundane of drinks, and bam! You’re the best mixologist around!  

So browse this fascinating selection of sugar-free syrups and discover all of the brand new ways you could use to shake up your palette and turn every drink into a festive celebration!

Become the boldest mixologist with versatile flavors from Jordan’s Skinny Mixes

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