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Like Krispies Treats, but somehow even better: shop Chinese Sachima online!

Mouth-wateringly golden and insanely crispy - those are the two main qualities of the most delicious Chinese snack we're about to introduce you to right now! Sachima is one of the most loved sweet snacks in Northern China, made from crispy fried batter bound with the sugar syrup; it might remind you of Rice Krispies Treats, the ultimate flavor of your childhood! Originating from Manchu cuisine, these delicious Chinese treats traveled a lot to give your snack drawer a tasty upgrade, so if you're looking for the perfect crunch, Sachima is your go-to choice!

On our digital shelves, you'll be able to get your hands on the classic variations of Jing Yi Zhen sachima, puffed wheat snacks made from only a few ingredients: sugar, wheat flour, and eggs! Sugar and flour give that crunchy texture your taste buds will face off with the first bite; however, after that, these sachima snacks become so chewy and airy that you will be amazed! These delightful snacks reign supreme in flavor, unique texture, and convenience, too, since they are all individually wrapped! So, get your hands on Chinese treats to discover your new obsession!

We are fully stocked with different flavors, too, and all of them are unbelievably moreish! It’s just too easy to munch on Jing Yi Zhen sachima with sesame endlessly, so beware! The rich, nutty flavor of sesame seeds masterfully complements the whole flavorful symphony, so these Chinese treats will be perennial favorites of those who enjoy delicate undertones! Sesame sachimas are the ultimate snack for morning tea; dipping them in your cup might be a delicious idea, too, but you never know until you try, right?! So, order these delights, and we will be happy to deliver them to your door!

And that's not all; we also happen to have Jing Yi Zhen sachima with raisins! Raisins add a subtle sweetness to the creamy flavor of these delightful snacks, and this combination makes them taste like miniature rice cakes! They're unbelievably soft, pliable, and melty, great for a quick pick-me-up when hunger pangs are the worst! Shop for this goodness, and give yourself exquisite snacking upgrades!

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