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Munch on some ideally crispy pancake cookies from Taiwan! Shop Jing Jih Jen biscuits online!

Let’s face it, everybody loves cookies and pancakes, but what if we told you that there was something in between - something that’s flattened and crisp like pancakes while being sweet and crumbly like cookies? Sounds like a wonderful combination, right? We at Yummy Bazaar are constantly looking for the most exciting and unique cookies from all over the world to provide you with authentic international flavors, and today, we are introducing our curated selection of Jing Jih Jen pancake cookies delivered to you straight from Taiwan!

Alright, get ready for what’s about to come because you’re simply not going to get enough of these delightfully crunchy and sweet cookies topped with sesame and seaweed sprinkles. If you’re looking for a perfectly balanced treat for enjoying along with a cup of relaxing tea, this is it! For a bolder flavor experience, make sure to get a pack of Jing Jih Jen black sesame cookies topped with nutty and mildly bitter flavors of black sesame, ideally complementing the sweetness of the cookie itself. Want to try something on a slightly saltier side? A touch of seaweed turns our selected Jing Jih Jen seaweed cookies into a perfect balance of sweet and salty flavors that will beautifully pair with coffee and instantly get you hooked! Each and every one of these Taiwanese pancake cookies is individually wrapped, making it excellent for not only enjoying with a cuppa but also while on the go, so grab one today and toss one in your bag to satisfy your crunchy little cravings wherever you go!

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