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Find every flavor of Japanese tea online without leaving the comfort of your home!

An aromatic cup of tea can improve even the most stressful days. There’s nothing quite as calming as winding down with a steaming tea in your favorite mug and watching a good movie or getting lost in the pages of a good novel. Different countries might have different traditions around this magical beverage, but different people also have routines of their own. Whether you take your tea with milk, honey, a spoonful of sugar, a squeeze of lemon, or completely on its own, you’re creating a source of stability, relaxation, and self-care. That’s precisely why we, tea-lovers, often have an entire cabinet dedicated solely to our massive selection of different aromas. Each one has its time, purpose, and preferred way of being enjoyed.

So, in order to find the most stunning contributors to your daily routine, we went to the land of the most exquisite flavors. Browse through our selection of Japanese tea, and find just what your routine’s been needing!

Do you find coffee a bit overwhelming? Does it cause you to crash somewhere between the sluggish afternoon hours? If that’s the case, matcha is your perfect match! This concentrated green tea powder makes the most aromatic drink and fills you with a sustained amount of energy throughout the day. Give our Japanese matcha green tea powder a go, and you’ll never look back! You could also opt for the green tea’s classic partner, Yamamotoyama jasmine tea - the scent alone is enough to make you feel warm and fuzzy!

For more intriguing flavors, try Genmaicha - Japanese roasted tea, green tea latte flavored Japanese milk tea, Sencha blend matcha, or the incomparable Japanese oolong tea! You can be sure that your pantry will become a paradise of scents and aromas! And if you manage to find a bit more room on your shelves, don’t miss out on the incredible tastes of Japanese roasted barley tea, Genmai roasted rice green tea, and the authentic Uji matcha powder! These are definitely not the flavors you want to skip!

But how about hotter days, when even the thought of anything remotely warm is unbearable? Well, we’ve got plenty of Japanese cold-brew teas for you to choose from! Whether it’s Kirin’s rich cold brew green tea which manages to keep all of the most enticing aromas of the highest-quality tea leaves without any of the bitterness, or Suntory’s dark oolong tea that stands somewhere in-between green and black tea, producing a perfect combination of both, you’re guaranteed to be satisfied with the results! You could also opt for Japanese Mugicha by Asashi or the whooping 16 herb tea blend Jurokucha cold-brew!  

Or maybe you want more inventive aromas for your ice teas? We’ve got more than enough options in that category as well! From Japanese pomegranate and blueberry green tea, black tea with raspberry by Tea’s tea, canned strawberry milk tea by Sangaria, or their incomparable Japanese royal milk tea, it’s impossible just to pick one!

So peruse our digital Japanese tea shop, find your classic go-to’s or brand new favorites, and let the incredible aromas make you feel cool, calm, and collected!

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