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Are you just starting out on your journey as a home-cook? Or have you been in love with the art of cooking for a while now? Either way, the sooner you discover the magnificent flavors of Japanese cuisine, the better! And while it might seem almost impossible at first, with the right ingredients, everything will become manageable and even extremely fun pretty quickly!

Nothing defines a cuisine as much as its herbs, spices, and seasoning. That’s precisely why multiple cultures can use the same vegetables and grains but end up with entirely different dishes. So in order to master Japanese cuisine, you have to master Japanese spices & seasoning first. And with a bit of help from our stunning selection, you’re bound to find that enormous task a lot less frightening!

Let’s start with some quintessential Japanese spices, shall we? Shaved katsuobushi, also known as dried bonito flakes, is the main spice used in Dashi - the base broth for most Japanese soups. Once it comes in contact with some heat, the tiny shavings of bonito start moving, almost as if they’re dancing around. So not only is it a perfect source of additional flavor, but it’s also incredibly amusing! Don’t hesitate; grab a pack or two of Hanakatsuo bonito flakes, add some traditional Japanese seasoning to your creations, and make your food dance!

Wouldn’t mind mastering the art of perfect rice? In that case, our timing must be impeccable since we’ve got plenty of options to help you out! Furikake is the most renowned Japanese rice seasoning (although it pairs perfectly with pasta as well). It comes in a myriad of flavors, and we managed to get all the best ones just for you! From sesame and seaweed furikake Japanese seasoning to plum furikake seasoning and Tanaka’s Japanese furikake seasoning with salmon and Wakana, there’s definitely going to be something in here to strike your fancy! And if you’re planning to venture out towards replicating your own sushi flavors, don’t forget the essential sushi rice seasoning mix for Chirashi by Nagatanien - it’s going to make your life a whole lot easier (and tastier)!  

Up for deep-frying something? How about some shrimp? Or a reinvented take on classic fried chicken? With our coconut panko breadcrumbs and the authentic Japanese tempura batter mix, you’re going to be all set for success! Add a few variations of classic Japanese spice mix like Shichimi Togarashi seven-flavor chili pepper or the inimitable nori komi rice seasoning by Ajishima, and your pantry will be fully equipped for the most aromatic Japanese culinary endeavors!

The world of flavors is endless and exciting, as long as you’re not afraid to experiment, improvise, and take risks! With our selection of Japanese seasoning, you’ll have every tool at your disposal for cooking up a storm. As long as you add a little courage of your own, everything is guaranteed to work out perfectly!  

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