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Enjoy Japanese soft drinks in every color of the rainbow!

All of us have a different set of sensations associated with our childhood. And each one of them has the ability to flood us with the most nostalgic memories - some happy, some, inevitably, sad, but all of them precious in their own way. And while most of those sensations can vary from person to person, there’re a few that are quite universal. For example, no matter where you grew up, you’re probably going to be familiar with the feeling of opening a bottle of soda and gulping it down so fast that the mischievous bubbles of carbonation tickle your nose and make your eyes water. All of us at some point have been that impatient kid, and each time we crack open a can of fizzy beverage, we revert right back to being that kid again.

So if you’re not done with your childhood and would like to return to it as often as possible - preferably with more diverse flavors - this colorful collection of stunning Japanese carbonated drinks is just what you need!

Like most products, Japanese soda flavors also tend to be a lot more imaginative and exciting than the options that the rest of the world settles for—the most intriguing of them being the authentic Japanese ramune. This classic soft drink is famous for its varied flavors, bright colors, and pressurized seal that requires you to push the marble located within the cap into your lemonade in order to open the bottle. Not only is the packaging more exciting this way, but it also preserves the carbonation a lot better. So try the most joyous aromas of Japanese ramune and remember what the carefree happiness of childhood feels like. From classic flavors like strawberry, raspberry, mango, and orange to more intriguing aromas like matcha green tea ramune, Hawaiian blue Japanese soda, yuzu ramune, lychee, and even yogurt ramune soda - the amount of diversity is unbelievable! And the choice is all yours!

Maybe you’d prefer some Japanese sparkling juice? Kimino has got your back! From Kimino ume - plum sparkling juice to traditional apple, tangy Kimino mikan - citrus sparkling juice, and their sugar-free canned drinks like Kimino yuzu sparkling water, they’ve got something for every taste!

And as for some reinvented familiar flavors, there are plenty of cider options from Tomomasu! Whether you decide to go with Japanese melon cider, classic Tomomasu mango cider, or the inimitable Japanese durian cider, your expectations are guaranteed to be exceeded!

Sodas are inseparable parts of our childhood, therefore it’s highly unlikely that we’ll ever fall out of love with them, but in order to keep them fun and exciting, reinvention and creativity are absolutely essential! So browse our selection of the most diverse Japanese soda and choose your favorites - from new discoveries like Lemon Chuhai by Kirin to unknown takes on well-known aromas like Gokuri peach juice by Suntory, there is always something interesting to be found!  

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