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Is your mouth watering already? It should be, because Japanese snack foods are some of the most delicious in the world. The variety of flavors, textures, colors, and shapes of Japanese snacks is simply astounding.

We'll start our exploration of the exciting world of Japanese snacks with something to drink. How about an authentic Japanese soda? At Yummy Bazaar, we're proud to offer our customers delicious sodas from top Japanese brands like Fuji Soda, Kirin, and Suntory. These probably aren't like the sodas you're used to.

For one thing, they come in unique flavors like plum, kiwi, melon, and lychee! Even the shape of the Ramune soda bottles from Fuji Soda is unique. The shape allows the marble inside each bottle to keep the carbonation from fizzing away. It's fun to start drinking by first forcing the marble down into the bottle. Combine that unique drinking experience with the equally unique flavors and you have a quintessential Japanese treat!

Of course, Japanese sodas aren't the only liquid snacks we carry. We also offer nectars and juice for those who prefer their liquid refreshment without the bubbles. Our Japanese white peach nectars by Fujiya are rich, sweet, and pulpy. What a deliciously satisfying ice-cold treat! No wonder they're such popular items in Japanese vending machines and at convenience stores.

Before we head to snacks with some 'bite', let's not forget Royal Milk Tea. This refreshing blend of three distinct black teas with 25% milk added is great whenever you need a pick-me-up.

Okay, on to the more 'toothsome' snacks...

Let's start with everyone's favorite — candy! We carry a great selection of Japanese candies, including six uniquely Japanese Kit Kat flavors. Those flavors range from green tea to ruby chocolate with almonds and cranberries. We have other Japanese chocolate candies, too, in case you're looking for something a little different.

We also have a range of other candies, including Japanese jelly candy, Japanese gummy candy, and Japanese hard candy. Just like our Japanese sodas, these come in a variety of unusual candy flavors like yuzu and mango.

And don't forget our Japanese cookies! We offer everything from very familiar Oreos to more unusual favorites like Glico's savory pancake flavor pretz cookie sticks. These chocolate-covered mushroom-shaped biscuits are as cute as they are delicious!

Of course, not every Japanese snack is sweet...

We also offer a nice selection of savory and salty snacks. How about Japanese rice crackers, richly delicious seafood snacks, or Japanese chips? We have crispy Sanko rice crackers in many flavors, including shrimp.  

In the mood for chips? Order a bag (or several!) of spicy Japanese chips to munch with a cold one. Or go the traditional route and choose savory and delicious dried seafood snacks to serve with beer.

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This is just a small sampling of the Japanese snacks we have available. Yummy Bazaar is your go-to source for Japanese snacks of all kinds. In fact, our extensive selection of snacks from all areas of the world would let you treat yourself to a delicious world tour without ever leaving your comfy chair! Order your favorites today and enjoy having them delivered right to your door.