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When it comes to quick, versatile, and delicious meals, not many options can compete with Japanese noodles. They are easy to prepare, and as long as you’ve got a pack or two lying around in your pantry, you can combine them with almost any other ingredient to make something exciting and satisfying.

So in order to make sure that you’ve got some readily available, flavorful options at your disposal and don’t have to suffer through bland food just because of the time crunch that the modern world has put us in, we created this selection of incredibly varied Japanese noodles.

Do you happen to have next to no time for cooking? Are your lunches often either skipped altogether or compiled of random snacks you had lying around? Well, as long as you have access to some boiling water, you can forget those uninspired tastes. Our Japanese instant noodles are just what you need to fall back in love with exciting aromas. From stunning Myojo Yakisoba by Nissin, which doesn’t require any extra ingredients or cooking, to classic Cup Noodle instant ramen - there are endless options for you to choose from. Bring in some heat with Hikari Sesame Sichuan-style noodles or dive into southeast Asian aromas with curry-flavored instant ramen. You could also experiment a bit more and discover tastes you have never tried, like Shoyu soy sauce ramen noodles, Kumamoto-style ramen noodles, or the mouthwatering Hikari Japanese miso ramen - delicious either way!

Need to wind down after a stressful day? Cooking can be one of the most therapeutic experiences if you have the right ingredients. None of us want an incredibly complicated recipe after an already complicated day. So, for easy and tasty stir-fries, quick soups, and one-pot meals, try some of our stunning Japanese noodles that cook in a blink of an eye and add just enough bite to each one of your culinary creations. From traditional somen noodles to incredible Japanese green tea soba noodles, Akagi udon noodles, and the inimitable Japanese glass noodles by Morii - choosing just one is going to be your biggest problem! For even more variation to your dish’s flavor profile, give Hime buckwheat soba noodles a go, and if your pantry still has a bit of room, don’t miss out on Ogawa ShikoShiko soba noodles either - trust us, you’ll regret not trying these delicious creations!  

So peruse our colorful digital shelves full of the most exquisite Japanese noodles, and find out which ones fit both your palette and schedule the best. Even the quickest of your meals will never be bland again with our selections!

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