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Every mouthwatering flavor of Japanese butter cookies is within arms reach!

There are certain snacks we think we know inside and out; that we’ve discovered every flavor, texture, and variation of. These are the foods we grew up with, the ones that carry with them memories of birthday parties, packed lunches, Christmases, movie nights, and sleepovers. The snacks that have followed us all through our lives can feel a bit too familiar at times, as if each flavor already has a specific moment from our past attached to it, and there is no more room for anything new. However, the culinary world is way too diverse for anyone ever truly to try it all. So, even when it comes to the most familiar foods, there is something new to be discovered. In the case of childhood snacks - the best of them being cookies, of course - there are always Japanese cookies with the most versatile flavor profiles to try, enjoy, and attach new memories to.

So, peruse our selection of the most intriguing, unique, and mouthwatering Japanese cookies, and see what suits you the best. Spoiler alert: you might also find some reinvented classics that we all know and love in there!

Should we start with authentic Japanese flavors? From Japanese green tea Kukkia cookies to Tamago Boro egg biscuits - there is no end to all of the fascinating tastes you have to try! The most renowned of them being Pocky sticks by Glico. These snappy, chocolate-covered biscuit sticks come in a myriad of different flavors and remain to be a lot of people’s favorite snack. Whether it’s matcha pocky, almond crush, or the classic strawberry pocky sticks, you’re bound to love them all!

But if you want your cookies to be the perfect pairing for coffee and tea, there is no better option than Japanese Bourbon cookies. From the beloved coffee and chocolate to Blanchule white chocolate Bourbons and the inimitable Japanese rum raisin Bourbon cookies, picking one will be completely impossible!

How about a fun twist on familiar flavors? I bet you thought you’ve tried everything Kit Kat had to offer. Well, Japanese green tea Kit Kats are here to prove you wrong! And they’ve brought strawberry, raspberry, and Otono no Masa Kit Kats with them! Not to mention, Japanese special edition Kit Kat bars like the Ruby Chocolate Kit Kat and the incomparable almond and cranberry flavors have also got their back! And that’s not all! Did you know there are more than enough Japanese Oreo options as well? The Japanese Oreo Crispy line offers you the most decadent flavors, from classics like vanilla to original tastes like brownie Oreo crispy!

And if you are a true cookie connoisseur, don’t miss out on the most charming Japanese koala cookies from Lotte and the most gourmet Japanese matcha cookies by Meiji - something for every palette indeed!

Our senses can hold a lot of memories, and taste is one of the best preservers when it comes to important moments. So browse our selection of every type of Japanese biscuit and cookie you could ever imagine, and find some brand new sensations to attach the most valuable excerpts of your life to!

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