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Boast About Italian Toast

Italy is known for all kinds of cuisine, but their toast and rusk is something to boast about. Traditionally speaking, Italian toast and rusk are tiny cracker-like pieces of bread or cake with some major crunch — think a biscotti-like texture with a savory twist. Some varieties even look like a miniature piece of bread begging to be snacked on. Either way you slice it, these tiny bite-sized Italian snacks deserve your full attention.

The Best Italian Toast and Rusk

While this may be your first introduction to Italian rusk and toast, it will certainly not be the last time you hear about these small crunchy snacks. They are perfect for nibbling on their own or make a fantastic addition to any appetizer spread.

For all the charcuterie board fanatics, you will absolutely fall in love with the wide variety of flavors, sizes, and shapes available to buy online at Yummy Bazaar. For a conventional approach to your charcuterie board, start with Mulino Bianco Granetti Classic. These miniature loaves of crispy bread give a satisfying crunch with every bite. They also make a great base for traditional Italian bruschetta toast so feel free to pile on the toppings.

You could also opt to decorate your next cheese board with an Italian flatbread toast like Classic Flatbread Crackers from Italy by Torino. The crunchy yet delicate delights are ideal for dipping or topping with a soft Italian cheese. If you want a little more panache and flavor on your cheese board, try these same flatbread crackers from Torino in their Garlic, Rosemary, or even Sundried Tomato varieties. Each box has an added boost of delicious flavor that your taste buds will appreciate.

Italian rusks also make a great addition to any appetizer board or even a solo snack with butter or jam. As a breakfast treat, spread some rich salted butter over the Malted Barley Rusks by Mulino Bianco. Crafted with only the finest ingredients, these Italian rusks feature a lovely swirl that looks and tastes amazing. You could also opt to spread some berry jam over Italian Cereal Rusks Fette Biscottate by Mulino Bianco for an added bit of texture. Each piece is stuffed with 8 different types of cereal, or grains, for a satisfyingly hearty texture.

Needless to say, Italian toast and rusk is a versatile treat that any snack fanatic will adore. Best of all, you buy them all online at Yummy Bazaar.

Get Your Snack On at Yummy Bazaar

At Yummy Bazaar, we not only strive to carry an impressive array of Italian rusk and toast, but nearly any other kind of international grocery item that you can imagine. With everything from aged parmesan cheese to specialty Japanese green tea, you can get all the snacks you desire and then some.

Feel free to stock your entire pantry with our extensive selection of goodies that will either cure your case of wanderlust or inspire your next trip abroad. Whether you simply want to explore some new cuisine or you are trying to recreate your Grandma’s handmade pasta recipe, we have the groceries to make your kitchen come to life. Perhaps best of all, you never have to take off your sweatpants. Simply check off your grocery list at Yummy Bazaar and we will have your groceries shipped right to your front door.