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Italian Chocolate Punctuated by Nutty Crunch!

If you’re hunting for the crunchiest Italian chocolate treats, you’re at the right place. On Yummy Bazaar, we have curated a separate selection of Italian chocolate pralines, bars, and more treats with nuts & fruits add-ins, so take a look; you’re guaranteed to find your favorite.

The art of chocolate-making has been a culinary business card of Italy for more than a couple of centuries now. But chocolate connoisseurs already know it! Just like the rest of the traditional cuisine, Italian chocolate is in a league of its own, effortlessly enchanting even the most demanding palates. Prized for its unique creations, such as cremino, Baci, gianduja, and more, Italy has even been deemed the world capital of chocolate (or at least the modern take on it). So, if you’re willing to travel to the fascinating world of Italian chocolate, don't! We’re ready to deliver it right to your door. Sounds tempting, right?

It’s easy - all you have to do is scroll through our online assortment of Italian chocolate. However, if you like your chocolate more on a crunchier side, we’ve made things even easier for you - take a look at our assortment of Italian chocolates with fruit & nut add-ins. Here, you will find some of the most highly-prized Italian chocolate brands, such as Sperlari, Baci, Perugina, Giraudi, Tartuflanghe & more. Italian chocolate bars with whole Piedmont hazelnuts, pistachios, and salted nuts generously populate our digital shelves. So, that revitalizing crunch to pair with your morning joe is guaranteed with us. That’s not all that awaits in our Italian chocolate assortment; we also included a few more exquisite treats for chocolate lovers, such as Tartuflanghe praline assortments and gift bags with hazelnut and pistachio bits! Speaking of pralines, don’t leave without meeting Baci - a superstar of the Italian chocolate category created by Perugina, a centuries-old famous brand. In every baci, there hides a whole, crunchy hazelnut, mantled with luscious chocolate filling and nut bits. This tasty concoction is elegantly dressed in rich chocolate coating too. And, trust us, it tastes even more tempting than it sounds!

Shop Fruity, Nutty & Oh-So-Crunchy Italian Chocolate Online!

At Yummy Bazaar, we’re determined to curate the most extensive online assortment of all the fine & fun food, ranging from Italian chocolates to Korean condiments (and everything else in between), at prices you’ll love. With us, you will be able to buy your ultimate favorite flavors and the must-tries your foodie friends have been raving about. So, peruse our online grocery store, and pick your favorites. We will be glad to deliver your go-to Italian chocolate & more foodstuff right to your front door, so you can taste a little bit of the world.