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Italian flour is one of the cornerstone ingredients of Italian cuisine and plays a significant part in Italian cooking.

Italian flour can be roughly separated into two major varieties: soft wheat flour and durum wheat semolina flour. Soft wheat flour comes in several grades, with Italian 00 flour considered the best overall grade for soft wheat flour. It’s used for kneading Neapolitan pizza dough and hand-rolling fresh pasta.

Certain manufacturers like Molino Grassi make it easier to select the correct flour, marking specific labels with “for pizza,” “for cakes,” etc.

Italian semolina flour has a rougher texture and yellow hue. It’s sometimes called “macaroni wheat” as it’s most often used to make pasta. Its rougher texture allows the pasta to grab more hearty and chunky sauces better.

When kneading the dough, selecting the correct type of flour is half the job. Italian pizza and pasta are so good because Italian chefs know which flour to use for which dish.

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Whether you want to bake perfect Neapolitan pizza, handroll your pasta, or perfect your grandma’s cake recipe, you’re bound to find the flour you need in the Yummy Bazaar flour selection.

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