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Upgrade Your Baking with Imported Flour from Italy

For centuries, Italy is often considered one of the carb capitals of the world. From luxurious pastries and bread to unbeatable pizza and pasta, Italy is the land of all things bread. And what do you need to create some of the best doughs in the world? Why some of the best Italian flour of course.

After years of refining its dough prowess, Italy has developed ultra-specific doughs that work best for certain types of Italian classics. For example, there’s Italian pizza flour, Italian flour for pasta, and even Italian bread flour. While this may seem intimidating for the average baker, we’re here to give you the basics on the wide world of flour and where to buy the 00 flour of your dreams.

The Basics on Italian Flour

Generally speaking, when it comes to Italian flour, there are two major varieties: 00 flour and semolina flour. At first glance, the two kinds of flour appear relatively similar but it is their texture that makes them different. Italian semolina flour is usually thought to provide a hearty and slightly rough texture that makes for great sauce-gripping pasta. While Italian 00 flour has a powdery soft texture that is well suited for pizza doughs and silky pasta. While the world of Italian flour goes far deeper than this simple introduction, it is a great place to start your flour journey.

The Perfect Flour for the Perfect Dough

If you feel ready to take the plunge into actually making your first Italian-inspired dough, pasta is often a great place to start. Although it does take some time and finesse to become a pasta expert, the recipe is usually quite simple. Many recipes just require water, salt, and of course, Italian pasta flour.

For an ultra-soft noodle such as ravioli or tagliatelle, try a 00 pasta flour like the Molino Camema Organic 00 Soft Wheat Flour. This finely milled flour has the ideal texture for melt-in-your-mouth noodles and delivers a truly authentic Italian taste.

If you are feeling up for the challenge of making your own pizza dough, this Pizza Flour, Type 00 by Selezione Casillo is a no-brainer. Finely ground from durum wheat, this Italian pizza flour yields a luxuriously soft dough that feels truly indulgent.

For an equally indulgent experience, try making a more robust pasta with Molino Grassi Italian Organic Durum Semolina Flour. Crafted from high-quality durum wheat, Molino Grassi’s flour not only makes a sauce-worthy noodle but also gives your pasta a beautiful yellow hue. After making your own spaghetti with this flour, you will never want to go back to store-bought boxed pasta.

In fact, with any of the Italian flour on Yummy Bazaar, you may never buy any pre-made pizza or pasta ever again.

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