Italian Chocolate Bars

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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 products
Perugina 70% Bittersweet Chocolate Bar, 3 oz (86 g)
Perugina 85% Extra Dark Chocolate Bar, 3 oz (86 g)
Perugina 51% Dark Chocolate Bar, 3 oz (86 g)
Perugina Orangello Dark Chocolate Bar, 3 oz (86 g)
Perugina Espresso Dark Chocolate
Perugina Milk Chocolate Bar, 3 oz (86 g)

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Turns out you've got a taste for the best since you are looking for Italian chocolate bars to transform your Tuesday night snacking into a luxuriating experience. Part of Yummy Bazaar's online chocolate store, Italian bars really are the superstars of their category. Our online assortment is stocked up with every flavor ranging from white gianduja to classic Italian Limoncello, and you can give all of them a try at the most convenient prices, too.

You'll find countless beloved Italian chocolatiers in our online store, including famous Caffarel, Perugina, Baci, Venchi & many more, worthy of your close inspection. Whether you're in desperate need of gluten-free chocolate or try to help the community by only purchasing certified-sustainable products made with fairly sourced cocoa beans, Yummy Bazaar's got you covered. When looking for the perfect accompaniment to your morning joe, or a moreish snack between meals, you can't go wrong with an Italian dark chocolate bar with espresso filling, 51% cocoa content, or an all-time classic, like milk chocolate and hazelnut pairing. While choice is all yours, we can't go on without quickly composing an ode to cremino bars. Unique delights from Venchi comprise three velvety-soft layers of different flavored chocolates - by bending the concept of prized Italian cremino into a bar form, the Italian chocolatier brand has upped the bar game.  

We could go on and on about all the gems our online assortment hides; however, you wouldn't hear the end of it - 85% dark chocolate bars, hazelnut-packed nougat-like & Orangello bars are only a few of the all-star lineup. So, we will let you inspect our online selection yourself, and no matter which chocolate bar you choose, we're sure you will be pleased you visited our online Italian chocolate store!

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Our assortment of Italian chocolate bars is stocked with myriads of tempting flavors. So, we're confident that Yummy Bazaar will provide you with new favorite treats at the most convenient prices, whether you're looking for everyday go-to's, gift-worthy, or festive add-ins for your dessert platter. All you have to do is find your fit, and we will get it delivered right to your door as soon as possible!