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If you're from Spain, have lived there before, love Spanish culture, or just really like trying new foods and have chosen Spain as your next culinary destination, you no longer have to worry about jumping through hoops to get Spanish brands. Yummy Bazaar's online market is the place to go to find marvelous snacks like Ines Rosales tortas de aceite in several flavors.

Spanish tortas are flatbreads or crackers, and not the sandwiches called tortas that you find in Mexican cuisine. Tortas de aceite are crispy, round olive oil flatbreads that can be savory with spices or sweet with a layer of sugar. Start with the basic sweet olive oil tortas with their hints of aniseed. If you've been trying to describe to friends what Spanish food can taste like, these are a great introduction because they use an original recipe from 1910 and are individually wrapped. Be sure to have a supply of sweet olive oil tortas with orange, too, because these popular crackers, studded with pieces of crystallized Seville oranges and sugar, will almost certainly turn your friends into Spanish food fans. Oh, and remember to keep a supply for yourself, too!

To satisfy cravings for a more savory flavor, you can find both savory rosemary and thyme olive oil tortas and sesame and sea salt tortas. Arrange a plate of these around your favorite Spanish dips and spreads for an afternoon snack to which nothing else can compare. And if you or someone you know is on neither (or both) Team Sweet or Team Savory, we have the tortas for you; that's right, we carry cinnamon sweet olive oil tortas. Get your light sugar fix along with the warmth of cinnamon in these delicate handmade crisps.

These tortas come in six-piece packages and will disappear rather quickly if you buy only the individual packs. To make your supply last a little longer, Yummy Bazaar has multipacks available for every flavor, and they are a steal. Buy two-packs of sweet olive oil, sweet orange, and cinnamon sweet olive oil, or go for two-packs of combined flavors including sweet plus sweet orange, sweet plus sweet cinnamon, and sweet plus savory rosemary. Want more? We have four-packs! Get a combination of sweet olive oil, sweet orange, sweet cinnamon, and savory rosemary sent right to your door.

But that's not enough for some, and if you're a part of that group, you want to really lay in a supply of these tortas that will last you... well, maybe you'll eat them too quickly for them to last long, but you'll definitely have a lot to eat with our 10-packs. These are available for sweet olive oil, sweet orange, sweet cinnamon, and sesame and sea salt (you thought rosemary was going to get all the savory multipack publicity, didn't you).

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Finally, if you really want to impress someone with a lovely gift and you know they like food, we offer a gift bundle of five flavors. But you know what's really impressive? We're currently offering free shipping on the two-, four-, and 10-packs and on the gift set! We normally offer free shipping on orders of $59 and above, and currently these lower-priced packs are eligible for free shipping, too. That gives you even more money to purchase more tortas. Yummy Bazaar is your best source for tortas and more. Buy Ines Rosales tortas online and get them sent directly to you, no matter where you are!