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Do you happen to love the incomparable flavors of Indian cuisine as much as we do? In that case, you’re in for a treat cause we’ve got a collection of Indian groceries that open a brand new world of tastes you’ve probably been missing out on! From classics to modern aromas and reinvented traditional dishes, there’s something for everyone! And the best part is, due to its incredible diversity, in our Indian market you can find a perfect match for every meal of the day!

Imagine it’s Monday (yikes, sorry to just spring that triggering demand on you), and you’ve been woken up by the alarm (again, sorry) - what is one thing that can cheer you up immediately? Sure, coffee is our life source, but Mondays require something with a bit more joy - maybe even a dash of childhood nostalgia?! Yes, we’re talking about hot chocolate! Rich, decadent, luxurious, velvety - one sip and suddenly all’s right with the world! Just keep a tin of Milo chocolate malt beverage in your kitchen cabinets, and you’ll be saved from even the groggiest of mornings!

However, if you prefer to start your day off on a calmer note but still get a bit of a caffeine boost, Quick Tea’s Indian green tea is just what you need! It’s an incomparable pair for aromatic morning rituals that set you up for a balanced and even-headed day! Of course, you could also arm your pantry for those chilly November mornings with a box or two of Indian ginger chai - warm your hands on your favorite mug full of your soon-to-be favorite beverage!

All of you busy bees out there probably already know that lunch never comes soon enough. We always get hungry way before, then continue on to becoming hangry, and that never goes well for anyone. So, you just have to make sure to be prepared and keep a few yummy snacks on hand at all times! Do you prefer your treats to be salty and crunchy? Look no further than Deep spicy masala peanuts! On top of being utterly delicious, they are also the ultimate hunger crushers! For something heartier, go with Idli steamed rice balls - a traditional Indian street food tailor-made for hanger attacks. And if you happen to be brave with spice, don’t hesitate to opt for Chana Chor spicy chickpea snack, but good luck on stopping before you hit the bottom of the pack!

For those of you who prefer sweeter snacks, we’ve got plenty of pre-lunch options as well! Little Hearts mini palmiers can complement every cup of your afternoon coffee, and Brittania digestive biscuits are renowned worldwide for a good reason! However, if you want to mix it up a bit and try something new, Indian spicy banana chips are a perfect find for you! This impeccable blend of sweet and savory is guaranteed to become a favorite!

As for lunch, since we always have to wait for it so diligently, it’s only fitting to make it count! But you don’t have to completely change everything and abandon your routine! A few flavorful tweaks can do the trick! Have a Fafda Gujrati snack with chutney and pickle as a side to your regular meal, and top your salads with a dash of Ching’s secret green chili sauce for a vibrant, zingy heat! You could also elevate the flavors of any dish with the addition of Patak’s tikka masala spice paste or the impeccable coriander chutney! And if your simple salad still needs a bit more excitement to effortlessly tie you over till dinner, using a couple of Khakhra Indian thin crackers with masala spice in place of croutons is always a good idea!

As for dinner, how about we cook up a storm? Depending on how much of your impeccable skills you want to show off, you can either go for Indian ready-made mixes or improvise and come up with flavor combinations of your own using our vast selection of Swad ground spices! For ultimate comfort food, go with Ching’s secret manchow soup - it’s thick, spicy, and ready to warm you up with each spoonful! You could also opt for the decadent Veg Hakka Indochinese fried noodles that will be done and ready to go in four minutes! As for those of you who see cooking as a form of therapy, we’ve got some treats you could use to enhance every single one of your culinary creations! Add Schezwan fried rice masala to your carby dishes to send your taste buds into a trance, or combine some of our Indian chicken chili masala with your poultry-based meals to make them completely irresistible! For a truly special dinner, don’t hesitate to make traditional Indian roti with Sharbati Atta flour for roti and pair them with just about anything and everything you’ve decided to treat yourself to! Finish off the night with a cup of organic Indian Tulsi tea’s cinnamon rose infusion and wake up the next day excited for brand new discoveries ahead!

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