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To encapsulate the romantic aromas of Italy, get your hands on Il Molino extra virgin olive oil!

If you have ever visited the stunning hilly countryside of the Lazio region, you would agree - there's no way it's the actual place on the earth! The idyllic scenery, wholly fresh air, the lushest green grass, and the abundantly soothing sensation of being there makes you feel like never wanting to leave this cozy cocoon of life. And once you give the bounty of hearty Lazio countryside a taste, you will be completely blown away by the different richness of natural products. We're incredibly excited to carry Il Molino, the renowned Italian brand, at Yummy Bazaar and to fill up our digital shelves with the wholesome blends of organic products they offer! The brand delivers only organically sourced goods produced on the grounds of their own farm - so, all of the Il Molino delights carry unmatched flavors of home and care we are all in love with.

On Yummy Bazaar's digital shelves, you will be able to find one of the most elegant blends of Italian extra virgin olive oil that's guaranteed to become your staple within the first few uses! Il Molino organic extra virgin olive oil is bursting with myriads of undertones that craft the unparalleled sensory experience in your mouth - a little bit fruity, a little bit peppery, and absolutely delicious, that's what you should be expecting from this elegant bottle. It's made from carefully selected premium olive varieties sourced from the edge of Lake Bolsena near Rome, so one thing is for sure - II Molino limited edition extra virgin olive oil will be the real treat on any table!

Olive oil is not the only thing Il Molino does better than anyone else! With us, you can get your hands on the most luscious flavors of Italian fruit jams, ready to take your desserts by the pleasant storm. II Molino plum jam is the perfect gift any hostess would like to receive. Made from the juicy Italian black plums grown on the enthralling hills of the Lazio region, this jam is bursting with delicately tart undertones, thanks to the zesty lemons hiding in the ingredients list! Savor on warm toast, mix with cereal, or pair it with your pancakes - whatever it is you decide to craft with this delightful plum jam, make sure your taste buds are prepared for the incredible rush of flavor!

Oh, and you can't forget about the soothing II Molino apricot jam, patiently waiting to embellish your breakfast, lunch, AND dinner with the softest velvety texture! This easy-to-spread delight might become your latest obsession, so make sure you order enough to treat yourself to warm scones, aromatic toasts, and biscuits without worrying about emptying this beautiful jar. What we love about this apricot jam is the well-balanced sweetness with rich undertones of ripe Italian apricots - it's just the right amount of delicious! Incorporate into your Sunday breakfast and watch your family members wake up earlier than you think was possible!

The only thing limited about Il Molino organic extra virgin olive oil is the edition!

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