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Fermented food is the ultimate food craze; culinary enthusiasts will attest! And it’s also justified with all the good reasons - it saves the favorite seasonal flavors for you to enhance your meals at any given time. On top of that, it’s bursting with beneficial probiotics AND is super easy to store. To us, fermenting food sounds like a miracle method of saving food. We’re sure there are couples of yummy-looking jars in your pantry, too, waiting for you to give them taste, but wouldn’t you want to give your collection a little pizzazz? Something exquisite that will transform your dishes even with the tiniest amount? That’s what we thought so too! So, let’s explore our delicious collection of Hwang Ryh Shiang jarred goods!

Hwang Ryh Shiang fermented bean curd is the star of our collection. Commonly known as tofu, fermented bean curd is the backbone of East-Asian cuisine, but its popularity is rapidly growing worldwide. So, if you’re eyeing the Asian cuisine, wanting to cook something extraordinary and memorable for tonight, you’ll most likely need tofu on your side! Made from pressed soy milk curdles, tofu has a distinctive but subtle taste that complements every flavor, so fear not, it can only elevate your meal! Exceptionally delicious with vegetable stir-fries, this fermented tofu will quickly become a staple ingredient in your kitchen too!

For something more extravagant, try Hwang Ryh Shiang fermented tofu in red rice dressing. Vibrant, delicious, and mesmerizing, this red rice tofu will definitely blow your mind, but most importantly, it will give an indescribable flavor to your pork ribs or stir-fries! Try for yourself and tell us how you like this palatable jar of red tofu!

We’ve saved the perfection for the last - Hwang Ryh Shiang fermented tofu in chili dressing is an exquisite combination of contrasting flavors. Subtle umami juxtaposed with minced chili - It's best paired with plain rice porridge. Bursting with incredible flavors, this tofu is so delicious that you’ll find it hard to stop snacking on it!

Hwang Ryh Shiang: premium quality from Taiwan!

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