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Stir Fry Glass noodles to conquer every gourmand’s heart: shop Hsin Chuan bean threads!

Are you ready to dabble in Asian culinary tradition?! Then, we have the yummiest opportunity waiting just for you! Today you’re going to meet the most exquisite broad bean threads, decadent Taiwanese noodles made by one and only Hsin Chuan! So, if you’re ready to up your noodle game, let’s get browsing and look through our delicious collection!

Hsin Chuan glass noodles are the ultimate treat on the table, don’t let the transparent look fool you; they’re ready to absorb all the flavors and have quite a bit of their own as well! Hsin Chuan fensi is made from potato and mung bean, so these noodles are incredibly chewy and tasty! Let your creative juices flow, and get cooking; these broad bean threads can embellish any meal: soups, salads, stir-fries, and even spring rolls! Hsin Chuan wide vermicelli noodles come in generous bundles, so make sure you cut your serving size before cooking.

We like to pair these Taiwanese bean thread noodles with yummy chicken stir-fry! It’s a quick and easy prep, so if you’re in desperate need of something yummy to fight your hunger pangs ASAP, this is it! Marinate your chicken, don’t be afraid to be heavy on the sauces; they will add a tangy bite to your noodles, too! Soak your noodles in the water for a couple of minutes, and stir-fry all of it together! Add fresh herbs, garlic, and your favorite sauces on top, and get ready for these Taiwanese noodles to take you out of the ordinary with their magical relish!

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