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Munch on some scrumptiously smokin’ hot Hsia Hsia Chiao chips from Taiwan!

Are you a crunchy snack fanatic but want something more than just the plain old classic potato chips? If so, then you have come to the right place! Sure there are a lot of unique potato chip mixes, but only a few have ever heard crab chips shaped and flavored like crabs. For a flavor comparison, they taste similar to shrimp chips. This crabby twist on your favorite crispy snack can be found in the Hsia Hsia Chiao Taiwanese chips straight from their homeland!

If you’re all about experiencing exotic and unique flavors, our chosen Hsia Hsia Chiao BBQ King Crab Chips will totally satisfy your flaming hot cravings with flavors of cooked crabs with a touch of pepper, chili, and garlic powder! Hsia Hsia Chiao has blended a signature taste of Taiwanese chips with beloved spicy BBQ heat with a hint of sweetness to craft a flavor like no other!

Grab a pack of Hsia Hsia Chiao chips and enjoy a deliciously tasty snack on the go! For an even more sophisticated flavor, simply dip these crab-shaped chips in an onion dip or cream cheese and enjoy! It’s absolutely scrumptious!

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