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Chilly winter days or not, hot chocolate is the epitome of comfort - if you nodded with agreement reading this, we have an exciting surprise for you. From Yummy Bazaar, you can buy the hot chocolate base and mixes from around the world, including France, Spain, and more!

Chocolate drinks are believed to be invented more than 2500 years ago by the Mayan civilization, but we’re sure our modern rendition is slightly better. Also known as drinking chocolate, hot chocolate drinks really became the talk of the town (and by that, we mean the European continent) after it was introduced to the New World. It quickly got regional variations, such as spiced “chocolate para mesa” in Latin America, creamy “cioccolata calda” in Italy, and more. We have curated the best hot chocolate mixes in a handy collection if you’re determined to experiment and up your game. So, take a look, and choose your favorite.

In our online assortment of hot chocolate mixes, you will find myriads of cinchy products from Italy - the birthplace of chocolate as we know it. Take a look at hot chocolate powder by Alce Nero, Saquella Caffe & Venchi, and treat yourself to authentic rich Italian “cioccolata calda.” With us, you can also buy the favorite hot chocolate powder of French households. Products from A l'Ancienne & Poulain boast at least 30% cocoa, guaranteeing a flawless flavor mood. However, if you like your cup of hot chocolate to enchant you with fruity, vanilla aromas, it’s Spanish brands you should look for: Blanxart, Valor, and irreplaceable Paladin! We also included malt beverages in our online assortment - Milo drink by Nestle, Maltesers hot chocolate by Mars, Horlicks Malty Goodness & more are waiting for you!

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A steaming cup of hot chocolate is a failsafe treat for any other Saturday afternoon or morning whenever you crave something else than a regular cuppa joe. So, we have curated an extensive online selection of hot chocolate mixes from around the globe for you to enrich your pantry with the aromas of Spain, France & more. You can buy everything from classic to malted hot chocolate drinks & delight your palates - simply choose your top picks & let us deliver them right to your door at prices you’ll love!