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Bring the taste of Taiwan to your kitchen with Hon's Dry Noodles!

When speaking of instant noodles, some people immediately think of plain and bland college food, but that’s not the case for Hon’s dry Taiwanese noodles. Delivering premium quality traditional Asian food, Hon’s is loved and trusted by many; that’s why we decided to give our customers a chance to try the best Taiwanese noodles at Yummy Bazaar. Once you get your hands on Hon’s, you will be pleasantly surprised at how easily it will exceed your expectations. So, we advise you to stock up on your soon-to-be favorite noodles and enjoy easy but tasty meals whenever you crave enveloping flavors!

Let’s start with our favorite Taiwanese noodles, shall we? Hon's Dry Noodles Sichuan is the star of our collection. It has everything you want in luxury ramen: robust and spicy taste, flavorful aroma, delicate texture with a velvety touch, and the yummiest ginger sauce! As you can tell from the texture and shape, Hon’s Taiwanese Sichuan noodles are hand-made, cooked for a long time, so they’re effortless to prepare. If you have extra 5 minutes to customize your quick dinner, add soft-boiled egg slices on top and let the creamy yolk mix in with the sauce! It can’t get yummier than that!

With us, you can also find Hon's Dry Noodles Jajangmyeon, with a delicious Korean twist! Jajangmyeon is a Chinese-Korean noodle dish made from diced pork and various vegetables, but the crucial ingredient is Korean chunjang sauce! It’s time for a random fun fact: Jajangmyeon is the signature dish of Korean Black Day, which is the opposite of Valentine’s day since it celebrates all the singles of this world. So yes, Jajangmyeon is the signature dish of Black Day! However, we’re confident that once you give Hon’s lip-smacking noodles a chance, you’ll fall in love instantly!

If you’re looking for a new obsession, Hon's Dry Noodles Sesame can help too! These Taiwanese sesame noodles are already bursting with flavors, but the sauce is the secret weapon for an essential spark! To add a little more zing to it, you can add fresh green onions, peanuts, and sliced cucumber on top! So, it’ll look as good as it tastes!

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