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Are You Craving an Italian Treat?

At Yummy Bazaar, we strive to deliver all the yummy, exquisite international delights that will make an unforgettable impression on our beloved customers and refresh their daily menus! This is why we’ve decided to present to you one of the staple Japanese condiments found in every Asian household, tasty and tangy Ponzu sauce!

Japanese Ponzu Soy Sauce is bursting with contrasting flavors that will feel like a bit of explosion of taste in your mouth! Made from a mix of three fragrant citrus fruits: yuzu, kabosu, and sudachi, ponzu sauce is a sophisticated take on renowned soy sauce, one of the base sauces of east-Asian cuisine! Because of its enlivening aroma, thanks to citrusy juice, Ponzu sauce has a variety of uses! If you’re ready to upgrade your sauces at Yummy Bazaar, you can get your hands on Handmade Ponzu Soy Sauce from one and only Hirota!

Hand-crafted Hirota Ponzu Soy Sauce has that sparkly aftertaste of something truly fresh, perfect for those of you who have started to get bored of the same old flavors. This premium quality ponzu sauce will immediately cheer up your kitchen with its tangy aroma! Ponzu will be the perfect finishing sauce for your seared meat slices or even for fresh tofu salad in the summertime!

Add a dash of novelty to your meals with Hirota Ponzu from Yummy Bazaar!

At Yummy Bazaar, we aim to become your primary online destination for all things yummy and delicious from all around the world. This is why we take our time to craft a unique selection of gourmet foods and drinks for you to peruse carefully and choose new, exciting flavors from! If you’re a big fan of citrusy tang, you must try our best Hirata Ponzu sauce!

Over here, at Yummy Bazaar, you’ll be able to find a myriad of premium quality exquisite products at the most affordable prices. So browse away, choose your soon-to-be favorites, and we will deliver your order right to your door! On orders over $59, we will do so free of charge!