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Buy herbs de Provence online and add enticing aromas to all your meals!

Herbs and spices are almost like a fingerprint when it comes to different cuisines across the globe. Nothing defines a culinary culture as significantly as its usage of various forms of seasoning. Most of the flavors we associate with a particular country or a region are created by combining specific spices in specific ways, thus achieving unique tastes. And few of these aromatic treasures are more renowned and acclaimed than classic herbs de Provence.

While the ingredients can vary, herbs de Provence is traditionally a mixture of dried Provençal herbs like basil, thyme, tarragon, oregano, rosemary, and bay leaf. These combinations are an inseparable part of Mediterranean cooking and should have a permanent spot in your spice cabinet! So browse our selection and find the variation that suits you best!

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that starting with the most authentic option is the key to success. Classic French herbs of Provence by Anysetiers du Roy is an exquisite blend of premium quality herbs and spices. It comes in clay and stoneware pots and carries the very essence of traditional French cooking with it. A brilliant addition to your stir-fires, soups, meats, and fish alike, these glorious seasonings can elevate your cooking to a culinary masterpiece.

If you prefer your spices to be separate so you can build each and every flavor based on your preferences, Maison Espig’s organic Provence herbs are your perfect match. From their dried organic rosemary to the most aromatic dried organic thyme, we’ve got everything you’d ever need to complete your very own impeccable blend.

And if you need a way to add a bit of effortless Mediterranean aroma to your meals, always keep a jar of Arnaud’s sea salt with Provence herbs. This premium quality Camargue fleur de sel is precisely what every dish needs for an instant elevation! It will bring out the existing flavors of every single ingredient while also adding a dash of French flair to the overall experience.

So make sure to stock up your pantry with the essential flavor boosters from France and delight in the exquisite tastes of one of the most renowned cuisines in the world!

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