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For every occasion, there’s a perfect He Fong noodle!

Noodles are easily some of the most versatile foods ever! From soups to stir-fries and from entrees to garnishes - they can fit with any meal and play any part! So it should come as no surprise that people have developed quite a few variations of their favorite doughy creations. From wheat to rice, noodles are among the major players in Asian cuisine. They are made in a myriad of different ways and come in various shapes and sizes. Still, one indisputable fact remains true across the board - no matter which route you go down, results are guaranteed to be absolutely delicious!

Our selection of He Fong Noodles offers you some of the most stunning examples of said culinary tradition. From hand-pulled to knife-cut, everything you could ever need for a perfect meal is right here, compiled in one neat package.

Guan Miao is a style of noodles that originated in Taiwan. They are usually handmade and left out in the sun to dry naturally, without any artificial interference. With no added preservatives, no cholesterol or fat, and lower caloric value, He Fong’s Pulled Taiwanese Noodles are a perfect addition to any easy, light, and flavorful meal. Especially great with veggie stir-fries! The more flavors you add, the better.

If you’re up for the incomparable experience of making authentic Japanese ramen from scratch and enjoying it with the people you love, dried ramen noodles are precisely what you need! Refreshing and perfectly chewy - they will enhance your cooking immediately!

How about some thick knife-cut noodles? Dao Xiao Mian is a Chinese specialty. These sliced noodles are easy to prepare and pair with sauces incredibly well due to their thickness and texture. With no preservatives added, it offers you pure and authentic flavors of Chinese noodles that you can transform based on your culinary preferences. So let your creativity run wild and cook up a storm without hesitation!

If it’s thin sun-dried noodles you’re after, Kuan Miao is the style for you! This variation from Taiwanese cuisine is perfect in soups or fried with peanut sauce and a mix of vegetables.

Similarly, you could also opt for thin Cantonese-style noodles - Yi mien. Their prolonged shape is meant to signify a long life. From symbolism to excellent taste - longevity noodles have got it all!

It’s easy to choose when every decision is the correct one! Try every variation with its perfect recipe and enjoy the wonderful adventure through tastes and textures offered to you by He Fong Noodles!

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