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Enhance your meals with a touch of tangy flavors: shop Haywards pickles online at Yummy Bazaar!

Are you craving to add some zingy and tangy flavors to your sandwiches, stir-fries, and meals on the side? You probably are, and we’re here to say that there's probably no better way to do that than to add some pickles into your recipes. To provide you with one of the best range of pickled products, we at Yummy Bazaar have created a curated assortment of Haywards preserves straight from England, so now you can enjoy the perfect flavors to liven up your food!

Hayward has been producing a wide variety of products such as pickles, sauces, and vinegars since 1868. With flavors ranging from slightly tangy to sweet and sour and everything in between, this brand will cover all of your needs with the most exquisite combinations. Prepare your taste buds and get ready for the boldest flavor journey!

Let's begin with the most beloved Haywards pickles, shall we? It's impossible not to start with one of the most popular of them all - Haywards pickled onions. These legendary onion pickles will add a completely new life to anything they touch and get paired with. Enriched with medium tangy flavors, Haywards medium tangy pickled onions will be your new favorite pantry addition that's equally delicious and versatile! Oh, not strong enough? If you’re down to try something spicier and bolder, you certainly have to try our selected jaw-clenching Haywards spicy pickled onions! Whether you'd like to brighten up your salads or use them for your sandwich and taco recipes, these pickled onions will bring a well-rounded boost of flavor!

Searching for something with a bit of a tang to give an extra kick to your chicken, turkey curry, and pasta? There's no better way to do that but by adding some creamy mustard with just the right amount of zingy spice and a hint of sweet and sour flavors, and we are here to tell you that Haywards Piccalilli mustard has got it all! Spices and mustard infused with cauliflowers, gherkins, and onions: what else could you ask for?

Want to try something on a sweeter side? Don’t worry, we made sure to include Haywards pickled red cabbage to provide you with delightfully sweet and sour pickles. These crisp and crunchy red cabbage slices are pickled in red cabbage juice and spirit vinegar to deliver the richest flavors straight from the jar. With its mild and sweet flavor, this creation from Haywards can entirely transform your dishes with not only taste but also its beautiful red color. Whether you'd like to make some delightful salads or coleslaw, this red cabbage preserve will be a fabulous addition to your pantry.

Discover an exceptional line of Haywards pickles online at Yummy Bazaar!

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