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Cold Hashishou noodles for summer? Get to know this groundbreaking food craze at Yummy Bazaar!

When you think of summer, the first things that come to our mind are probably a beautiful sunny beach, sipping on some refreshing coconut water straight from the shell, and never-melting magical ice cream (we’ve advanced far enough for this to be a real thing), right?! Okay, results may vary, but what we wanted to say is that when it comes to summer heat, noodles are the least popular snack food. You might be giggling to yourself because you take this as a self-explanatory fact, but are we, as dedicated foodies, forgetting something tasty? It turns out, sadly, that we are! Cold noodle delight is a real thing, and it's unbelievably delicious! With Hashishou noodles, your summer salads will turn out ten times better than your usual go-to recipe! Do you want to hear more? Then, let's see what Hashishou has to offer!

On our digital shelves, you can get your hands on Hashishou udon noodles - fluffier than other varieties; these Japanese udon noodles will be the perfect addition to your fresh salads! Prepare udon noodles, and choose your favorite accessories: we like to mix them with fresh kale, cucumber slices, and other summer veggies! But, make sure you don't forget to sprinkle sesame seeds on top; it brings your colorful creation all together!

We also happen to have Hashishou somen noodles - thinner than its predecessor! They're silky smooth Japanese somen noodles, ready to fill up your bowl with authentic, timeless flavors! With this relish, you can cook crunchy, juicy, and, more importantly, yummy cold dishes in under 20 minutes. One of them is iced Japanese somen noodles with shrimp, nori, and kimchi! And, yes! You heard that right - iced noodles! Come on; you've had iced lattes and iced tea, and you know they're the best for fighting summer heat, right?! Why don't you give freezy noodles a chance! Adding crushed ice cubes to your noodles controls the heat and makes your eating experience pleasantly chill! Don't forget to prettify your already cool lunch with cooler Japanese condiments, and you're good to go!

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Since you already know where to buy Japanese noodles, you can start preparing your iced noodle dish! Make sure you invite all of your friends to give this chilling experience a taste together! And While, you're giving out invitations; we will deliver your order right to your front door! Oh, and to tempt you, even more, we will be more than happy to offer you Free Shipping on orders over $59!