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Favorite snacks at every stage of life - Haribo gummy bears are here!

There are a few universally beloved phenomena in this world - petrichor (the smell accompanying the long-awaited rain), adorable puppies, Tom Hanks, and of course, the sweet treat that generations have grown up on - Haribo gummy candy!

Whether we acquired it thanks to embarrassing our parents with our endless nagging at the grocery store or simply got it as an after-school snack, Haribo was always an integral part of our childhood. And there are some habits we refuse to grow out of because they are just too good to be left behind - colorful gummy candy is definitely one of those habits!

So, in order to make sure that you had something to bring you back to childhood or maybe even enjoy with your kids, we compiled this mouthwatering selection of the best tastes from the one and only - Haribo.

Do you love berry flavors? Did you use to convince yourself that eating fruity candy was pretty much the same as getting your five-a-day? In that case, we’ve got plenty of exciting options for you! For ultimate classics, give Haribo tagada strawberry candy a go - sweet, tangy, and chewy - it’s a perfect balance of everything we love in our gummies! Or maybe you would like more versatility? You don’t have to settle for one flavor if you go with the ultimate Haribo berries gummy candy mix! Every one of your favorite fruity flavors is there in one pack!

How about some more unique shapes and tastes that have the most pronounced associations to the happiest times of our lives? Haribo golden-bears gummy candy is easily one of the top contenders! Classic, delicious and inimitable! And can you recall the ultimate kid favorites? Of course, we’re talking about Haribo fizzy cola gummies! Whoever came up with the idea of combining our favorite soda with our favorite candy deserves all of the awards (we mean it; ALL of them!). You and I might remember them simply as Haribo cola gummies, but new inventions are more advanced and definitely more fun; however, nostalgia is a powerful flavor all on its own! And how about the option that somehow managed to simultaneously be the nerdiest and the coolest one of all? Haribo dinosaurs gummy candy is the bringer of unity we all need right now!

Would you like a bit of a variety in textures? Haribo Chamallows are a perfect way to bring some fluffy sensations to the mix! And if you love your character-based sweets, Smurfs sour gummies are just what you’ve been looking for!

Just peruse our exciting digital shelves full of Haribo products and find all of the most nostalgic flavors that remind you of the simple joys of being a kid. Those sensations don’t have to live in the past - candies are for all! Share them with those you love the most and spread some happiness with Haribo gummies!

Haribo gummy candies for all ages at Yummy Bazaar

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