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Add a dash of Spanish extra virgin olive oil to your dishes with premium Legado Hojiblanca olive oil!

With almost a half of global olive oil production, Spain has become the world's leading source of liquid gold - a symbol of its national gastronomy and culture! Although the breathtakingly beautiful province of Malaga is not the largest producer of olive oil in the country, it is renowned for providing some of the finest oils that deserve a special place in any cooking enthusiast's pantry. Since 1679, Hacienda de Colchado has been dedicated to vine-making until the brand found its passion in making the most admirable liquid olive goodness. Hacienda has mastered the art of crafting this superior aceite in the most traditional way possible by harvesting early using the hand-pole beating method, where olives are caught as they fall from the trees.

When it comes to picking the highest quality olives, timing and the age of olive trees play a big role. Our selected Hacienda de Colchado Legado olive oil is specifically made with olives from the oldest trees located at the higher ground of the Hacienda de Colchado estate, where the environment is just right for them to turn out perfect. Legado Hojiblanca olive oil is a true masterpiece that holds all the sensory attributes and chemical qualities that a great aromatic and nuanced olive oil needs to possess. Made with fruits harvested during the peak ripeness in mid-October, this premium extra virgin olive oil enthralls the eyes with its gorgeous golden tinge and elegant green hues. You will instantly become enchanted by the pleasant sweetness of this luxurious goodness with unique banana, green apple, tomato, and herb notes finished off with white pepper and green almond aftertaste. Whether you'd like to add a drizzle of this fragrant oil to seafood, salads, soups, or sauces, it will be the most aromatic and luxurious addition that will make your cooking tastier than ever!

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