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For the ultimate comfort food, buy Guinness chocolate online!

Someone once said that love makes the world go round. If by love, they meant chocolate (cause those two are pretty easy to confuse), then we wholeheartedly agree! And while we do think that chocolate is one flavor none of us could ever get bored of, a bit of excitement, innovation, and new experiences still can’t hurt. After all, in a realm as diverse as the culinary world, remaining stagnant can cause some irrefutable damage.

So, in order to make sure you don’t miss out on one of the most decadent releases of recent history, we went ahead and compiled a luxurious selection of Guinness chocolate. Yes, you read correctly. Your favorite stout can now be savored in a completely new form! The collaboration between Guinness and Lir Chocolate is something we never knew we needed, but now can’t imagine living without! With exquisite dark beer flavors from one and the premium quality chocolate from the other, a miraculous product was created. And now you’re only a couple of clicks away from having it in your hands!

And what’s a more perfect way to represent this glorious pairing than some Guinness chocolate pints? Shaped like pints of everyone’s favorite beverage with the taste of everyone’s favorite sweet treat - they sound too good to be true, but lucky for us, they’re quite real!

If you’re after some reinvented classic tastes, Guinness dark chocolate bar, their chocolate caramel bar, and the impeccable milk chocolate bar are all equally attractive options. But for the richest, most luxurious velvety texture and taste, there is no better option than the inimitable Guinness chocolate truffle bar! With a creamy white ganache filling, it’s the ultimate delight that can bring some joy to even the most stressful of days! When combined with familiar flavors of Guinness, Lir Chocolate’s already incredible products turn into decadently bittersweet creations - ones that are ready to become absolute favorites for everyone who loves their sweet treats!

So browse our selection of the most intriguing chocolate bars from Guinness, and find new staples that none of your future cups of coffee should ever go without!

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