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Shop for the magical thirst-quenching elixir from Taiwan: Gudao is at Yummy Bazaar!

Today we’re going to replace your ultimate summer drink cause we just happen to have the most delicious collection of Gudao green tea drinks that are guaranteed to become your new obsession! Sorry, we don’t make the rules! And once you give them a taste, you won’t bother to go back to your old habits cause these Taiwanese zippy drinks are what you might call perfect beverages! Don’t believe us? Let’s choose your new favorite flavor for you to try, and then you’ll see for yourself!

We have to start with the classic flavor of Traditional Chinese sour Gudao plum drink. Traditionally made from smoked plums, this drink is just as good as homemade suanmeitang - tangy, flavorful, and thirst-quenching Chinese elixir! Additionally, the delicious secret formula of the Gudao plum drink also contains an osmanthus flower, so it will definitely fill up the whole room with a tantalizing aroma! Perfect for hotter weather, suanmeitang is very popular during winter too! So, if you’re looking for where to buy suanmeitang online, you should just peruse our tasty collection of Gudao and order right now!

Although if you’re looking for something with a little more twist, you should definitely check the Gudao plum & green tea drink. It’s bursting with the signature tangy flavor of plum fruits, but green tea harmonizes it with its subtle sweetness and zips it up into something more exquisite. Now, this beverage is caffeinated, so it might charge you up for a challenge too! Just keep a bottle in your backpack; it will last you the whole day and keep you refreshed wherever you go!

After perusing our digital shelves, Gudao passion fruit drink is guaranteed to become your new happy discovery! Oh, and did we mention it’s mixed with green tea?! So it’s a perfect Iced passion fruit pitcher! Don’t forget that it also comes in a bigger size; get Gudao passion fruit drink, 67.6 fl oz, and you’re all set for your next Chin party!

We also happen to have the Gudao jasmine drink mixed with sweet green tea, the first big hit of the brand! And, we know the exact reason for its extreme popularity; this liquid gold is a priceless flavorful symphony! The decadent touch of jasmine is so soothing to taste buds that it feels like an unreal sensory experience! Once you give it a taste, you’ll instantly fall in love, so we advise you to get a bigger size! So, you can enjoy it whenever you want & however much you want!

Give traditional Taiwanese summer drinks a taste - buy Gudao Tea Online!

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If you’re looking for the perfect summer drink, Gudao is your go-to choice! It’s fruity, aromatic, and flavorful! Select your new favorite flavor, and we will deliver it to your doorstep as quickly as possible! Oh, and one more thing, on orders over $59, we will do so free of charge. So, shop boldly, sit back, and enjoy!