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Get a taste of French pastry masterpiece - shop Goulibeur shortbread online!

France is well known for its decadent sweet, doughy, and buttery concoctions with an entire repertoire of elegant cakes and pastries. For centuries, France has created some of the world's most well-known pastries like croissants, eclairs, crepes, and macaroons! One of the French pastry sensations that haven't been mentioned enough is the buttery Broye du Poitou biscuit from the Poitou region in western France. The real beauty of this biscuit is in its buttery smooth texture and perfectly sweet flavor.

To celebrate this amazingly sweet French shortbread, over at Yummy Bazaar, we have prepared a curated selection of Goulibeur French shortbread so that you can enjoy every moment of tasting this unforgettable treat. Since 1976, Goulibeur has been providing authentic pastries by combining French tradition with cutting-edge technology. With a wide variety of delightful shortbreads, this pastry manufacturer guarantees to bring you some of the most delicious buttery biscuits from France!

French butter shortbread is very simple but also very unique at the same time. This circular, crumbly and soft cake is baked until the perfect golden color has an inimitable buttery taste that continues to linger on your tongue even after you've finished eating them! If you're looking for this delicious treat in a form that's perfect for snacking and sharing with family, make sure to grab a 12 pack of Goulibeur Broye du Poitou shortbread.

Want your shortbreads to be a little softer and more buttery? If you want a dessert that's more than just a little and quick snack, Goulibeur butter galette brought to you in a pack of two will be the most delightful treat you'll ever eat. With its size, this galette is perfect for enjoying along with a cup of soothing tea or creamy desserts.

Hint: Make sure to break apart French butter shortbread cookies and pair them with a big bowl of hot chocolate for the best dessert experience!

For the most luxurious French snacking experience or a premium gifting option, we absolutely recommend Goulibeur shortbread with cognac brought to you in a beautiful wooden box. This unparalleled large shortbread with a perfectly smooth texture and sweet flavor makes for an excellent dessert for sharing with many. This crumbly and soft pastry was created for sharing at big celebrations like weddings and fairs. By putting it in the middle of the table, any guest could take a piece as big as their appetite. Live on this French tradition, or start your mornings with a beautiful breakfast. Either way, these shortbreads will make your day!

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