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Craft the most exquisite Jajangmyeon Korean noodle dish with Gompyo noodles!

Have you ever heard of or tried Koren black bean sauce noodles, aka Jajangmyeon, before? It’s a very popular Korean dish consisting of delightful chewy noodles, diced pork, vegetables, and a salty black soybean paste - chunjang. Although Chinese merchants first created this dish in 1905, the flavor soon evolved to suit Korean people’s taste buds. One ingredient that was left unchanged is the ideally fresh and delicious noodles with just the perfect texture. To provide you with the ultimate noodles suited exclusively to cater to your Korean jajangmyeon making needs, we have created a curated selection of Gompyo noodles so now you can find just the right ones to satisfy all your culinary needs!

Made with only wheat flour and salt, our selected Gompyo Jjajang Guksu Korean-style noodles provide you just the right mix of chewiness, firmness, and softness that magically complements the texture of your Korean Jjajang noodles topped with fermented soybean sauce for a punch of flavor that makes this dish one of the most popular ones in Korea! All you have to do is boil these Gompyo Jjajang Guksu noodles in water until they are just the right consistency - not too chewy, yet not overly soft - drain the pot, add some seafood, or meat, vegetables, and done! Oh, and don’t forget to add a little finishing touch with julienned cucumber!

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