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Find the best Taiwanese BBQ sauce for all your grilled entrees!

Want to take your favorite BBQ sauce to the next level? Want to unlock the superpowers only the real BBQ sauce can hold? Then you should definitely try Shacha sauce, also known as Chinese BBQ sauce, and all of its decadence! Shacha sauce is traditionally made from chilies and seafood, and it’s seasoned with oil, garlic, and shallots - even describing it might make your stomach growl from hunger pangs! It’s the ultimate savory sauce, used to elevate your meaty creations, stews, and even veggies! This delightful chili sauce is a perennial staple in Fujian, Teochew, and Taiwanese cuisines. And speaking of Taiwan, we have just the perfect twist of this Chinese treasure on our digital shelves!

With Yummy Bazaar, you can get your hands on Golden Howard Shacha sauce - Taiwanese take on Shacha, the ultimate iteration of classic flavors we all love! Golden Howard BBQ sauce carries delicate seafood undertones, making it the perfect combination of umami and savory tastes. Thanks to ginger, sesame, and delicate touches from coconut powder, it’s bursting with myriads of enchanting aromas, which makes this flavorful juxtaposition with hot chilies even more delicious! As you can already tell, this Taiwanese BBQ sauce will be the real treat on every table; there is absolutely nothing it can’t do. However, to let its true culinary powers shine, you have to pair it with your favorite meat dishes. Shacha chicken or Shacha beef - the choice is all yours & one thing’s for sure - it’s going to taste unbelievably delicious! Order Golden Howard sauce now, and soon, you will be thankful for the day you discovered Taiwanese Shacha sauce for the rest of your life!

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