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If you're reading this, it means you're on the hunt for a classic European confection - marron glace, frequently referred to as candied chestnuts. However, these luxurious treats are more than just candied nuts. However, if you're one of those, who accidentally stumbled into Yummy Bazaar's online assortment of marron glace in hopes of finding a decadent treat to satisfy sweet cravings, you're in luck!

Marron glace has been an inseparable part of European cuisine for centuries. Mainly enjoyed in France and Italy, it's thought to be dated back to the 16the century. Marron glace calls for marron nuts, also known as Castanea Sativa cultivar, loved for its larger fruit and easy-to-remove membrane. The time-consuming culinary ritual of marron glace-making takes several days: first, it starts with deshelling & cooking the chestnuts in vanilla sugar syrup. After several days, they are covered in more syrup repeatedly until chestnuts get saturated with sugar syrup, becoming luscious & tender! So, if you're not ready to dedicate a couple of your days to the labor of love, we advise buying marron glace online!

If marron glace has piqued your interest, you can taste it without boarding a plane! On Yummy Bazaar, we have combined all the tempting marron glance treats in a handy online assortment, so, with just a click on the order button, you can transport yourself into beautiful France. We sell the renowned Corsiglia brand, dating back to the 19th century. The brand uses the finest A.O.P. (Aspect-oriented Programming) chestnuts from Turin! However, don't forget to check out Clement Faugier, too. Founded in 1882, the company is one of the favorites of France when it comes to marron glace. But, we're sure, no matter your choice, you're bound to fall in love with marron glace!

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