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Enjoy the classic flavors of Italian bronze cut pasta with Giuseppe Cocco

With all the knowledge and traditions of Italian artisanal pasta making that’s been passed down to generations ever since Domenico Cocco entered a pasta factory in 1916, Giuseppe Cocco is a brand that infuses each of their products with the vast heritage of this incomparable Italian product.

So it was only fitting that we went ahead and compiled a selection of the best Giuseppe Cocco pasta for you to enjoy. Look through our collection and find all of your favorite classics!

Due to its uneven surface and less processing, bronze cut pasta has a perfect texture for holding all of the most aromatic sauces. Over at Giuseppe Cocco, they’ve mastered the craft of creating the ideal pasta without altering dough’s structure and making it too tough. By using the highest-quality wheat grown in the Italian mountains and fresh spring water to create their pasta, Giuseppe Cocco quickly became a nationwide household name!

If you’re a fan of bolognese-style, thicker sauces, Giuseppe Cocco bucatini pasta is your perfect match! Similar to spaghetti, these beautiful strands of dough are great with all of your favorite recipes! Or you could always opt for the classic Giuseppe Cocco spaghetti that never disappoints.

For looser sauces, go with rounded shapes that create a perfectly hollow space to hold all of your flavorful creations. We recommend Giuseppe Cocco Orecchiette pasta  - shells that won’t let a single drop of the most aromatic sauces spill! Similar effect could be achieved by using our stunning Giuseppe Cocco Fusilli spirals with each morsel of flavor getting caught in their perfectly crafted nooks and crannies.  

If you want to try out the options you might be less familiar with, don’t hesitate to get your hands on Giuseppe Cocco angel hair pasta, or the decadently rich and flavorful Giuseppe Cocco egg pappardelle - each one of them better than the last.

So look through our collection of stunning Italian pasta and find everything, from well-known favorites to brand new discoveries!

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