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For the most aromatic afternoon parties, buy German tea online!

Tea is one of the universal tastes that complement various occasions, from business meetings to cozy movie nights at home and everything in between. But that’s only when you know how to liven up your tea and make it work. So, forget about plain, old tastes and get ready to refresh your taste palette with the most versatile collection of German tea at Yummy Bazaar.

Let’s start with the hot days of summer. Traditionally, tea is the last thing you think about on hot summer nights, mid-July, with flowers scent in the air. That’s cause we don’t talk enough about iced tea, even though it’s super easy to make. Put tea bags of your choice in the pitcher, add some water, and put it in the refrigerator for the next 6-12 hours. Strain the mixture, and voila! Now you have cold-brew tea that will freshen you up for days!

And where else would you find perfect fruity, summery tea other than at Yummy Bazaar?! Let’s get started, shall we? Teekanne You're My Berry Tea is the perfect mix of berries, where different flavors collide and explode in your mouth, making your summer more colorful than ever. You can also try adding frozen fruit slices of your choice to cool your drink. We have a surprise for our citrus lovers, too! Unbelievably tasty Garden Selection tea, made with sweet apple, juicy lemon, and orange peel and plain, but tempting Rooibos orange tea will give your cold brew that little zing that will keep you and your party energized. And when we are talking about refreshing, how can we forget Teekanne Peppermint Tea? Maybe try adding some sparkling water and lemon slices with peppermint cold brew, and we will guarantee it’ll be a hit of the party!

Now, when you want your tea to be piping hot to keep you warm on winter nights, we recommend Teekanne Winterzeit Speculoos, orange, apple & cinnamon flavored tea to treat yourself! But, if you’re feeling under the weather, don’t panic! These classic German ginger & lemon tea can help! And so can the most aromatic ginger & turmeric tea! These herbal mixes combined with Breitsamer mild acacia honey that’s tailor-made for tea time will uplift your spirits in seconds.

And now, let’s hear it for our star. Chamomile tea is famous for its beneficial antioxidants and healing properties; that’s why it’s one of the most popular tea flavors in the world. You can find various kinds of German chamomile tea in our collection, each one more aromatic and comforting than the last! If you’re feeling stressed more than usual, and have trouble falling asleep, we recommend giving soothing Onno Behrends camomile caffeine-free tea a chance! On the other hand, if you’re not a big fan of chamomile taste but still want to enjoy its benefits, try chamomile & fennel tea!

You can finish off your long day with Teekanne Organics Sleep & Dream Tea. Recharging powers of peppermint and lavender flowers aroma will make you forget about your problems right away and get you ready for the sweetest dreams you’ve ever had.

Last but not least, It’s time for classics at Yummy Bazaar! You can find premium German earl grey tea at our online store, along with the incomparable Onno Behrends rosehip tea flavor and so much more!

So if you’re up to quali-tea time, Yummy Bazaar is here to help!

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