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Upgrade Your Snacktivities Menu With Yummy Bazaar!

There are days when you just want to snack on something yummy rather than to eat complex and well-thought-out dishes! Usually, those days are more fun and cheery than when you cook gourmet mushroom risotto (nothing wrong with it, some of us are just overwhelmed by the idea of cooking). And, we all get it; not everyone has time or energy to cook fancy meals! But, it’s okay; sometimes, great snacks can do the trick!

Are you feeling lazy on your day off and getting ready to binge on your favorite tv shows? Then, get prepared cause Yummy Bazaar is about to upgrade your snacktivity menu! With us, you’ll find the top-quality German snack. Sweet, spicy, chocolatey, salty, crunchy, we’ve got everything!

Let’s start with something sweet, shall we? Of course, everyone loves good chocolate chip cookies, such a classic snack! And who does sweets better than Milka? No one, that’s right.

Milka Sensations Chocolate Chip Cookies are an absolute must-have for your binge-watching marathon! But serious chocoholics are advised to stock up on Milka Chocolate Sensations Cookies, which are basically chocolate chip cookies but with EXTRA chocolate filling! It feels like triple chocolate shouldn’t even be legal, but hey, get it while you can! Hanuta Hazelnut Wafers are also an excellent option for anyone who's into sweet sandwiches with nutty cream! Those will go great with strong and tangy German coffee that will keep you awake until the series is finished! To protect yourself from free-rider friends, get chocolate-coated mini wafers for them too! Finally, if you’re someone who’s into fruity flavors, we have the perfect snack for you too! Try Milka Choco Dessert with raspberry or utterly decadent orange jelly cookies, and tell us what you think.

Now let’s move on to salty options. If your friends are forcing you to watch horror movies or you simply don’t want to hear what anyone around you is saying, we have the crunchiest solution for you. Sea salt and pepper chips are baked in sunflower oil and taste like a salty delight! You can also try hot Paprika Chips. Don’t be shy to ask your friends to bring their own ranch dip; they go insanely well together!

If you’re planning to drink some delicious German beer and maybe rewatch (trigger warning for Argentina NT’s fans) the 2014 World Cup finals, we will be more than happy to help with snacks! You must get curly peanut puffs and double crunch peanuts! They’re slightly salty, crispy, and very crunchy! Everything you want from good snack food, right?! Don’t forget about the classics! Classic salty pretzel sticks are lovely to munch on any time you like! But get a lot of them cause everyone will be asking to share yours!

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At Yummy Bazaar, you can find a wide assortment of the best german snack food that will transform your lazy Sundays and binge-watching marathons. Browse our unique collection, and we guarantee you’ll find your new favorites.

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