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Accept All German Cookies: We Value Your Taste Buds!

Cookies are like memories in a box: with each bite, something cheerful and sweet pops up in your mind and makes you feel at ease! So, if you want to give yourself an at-home vacation to forget about the world just for a little bit, we have an idea! It doesn’t need to be at the expense of your wallet. Our selection of delicious German cookies will manage just fine!

At Yummy Bazaar, you can shop for the highest quality german chocolate cookies from the famous Milka brand. We carry different types of Milka cookies so you can choose an ideal flavor for you and your family. With us, you’ll find irreplaceable Milka chocolate chip cookies that will make the ultimate pairing for a cup of milk early in the morning! Maybe you’d prefer chocolate sensations cookies with chocolate chips and alpine milk filling that will instantly melt away in your mouth? But, beware, Milka cookies are irresistible, so we advise you to buy a lot of them! Trust us, that'll only save you time!

Don’t forget to check out Hanuta hazelnut wafers - these just might be the best take on the whole cookie concept. Luscious chocolate filling combined with crunchy wafer cookies is guaranteed to lighten up your entire day! Of course, Ferrero chocolate cookies need no praise cause everybody already knows they’re the best! If you’re a big fan of chocolate sandwich cookies, like the rest of us, we recommend trying DeBeukelaer traditional German cookies too.

Speaking of wafers, we have a fun surprise for little ones too. Finally, money that grows on trees!!! Okay, It grows in wheat fields, you’re right, but this might be as close as we’ll ever get to it! All jokes aside, we are fully confident that Hoch edible monster money wafers will make your kid’s party a hit! You should also check out the Stockmeyer reindeer gingerbread kit for kids. Imagine how much fun it’ll be building an entirely edible reindeer with them!

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We can guarantee that our selection of German cookies will become your new favorites! So, start shopping now, and we will deliver your order right away! Don’t forget, on orders over $59, you will get free shipping! So, go and start browsing; our customer service is always here to help.