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Super crunchy & extra yummy: buy German chips and crackers at Yummy Bazaar!

Potato chips are the best example of classic flavors that will never get old. In celebration, festivities, or just daily hangouts, there is always one big bowl filled with crunchy, loud chips. Of course, chip crumbs always make a mess out of your outfit, but you can’t help just to crunch it away. Potato chips are a universal snack that will go with everything, but the best part is you can mute the world for a bit because while chewing on crispy chips, there’s no way you can hear a thing. So, if your friends are making you watch a scary movie or you don’t want to make small talk with anyone at a house party, get yourself bags of German potato chips or crackers, and let’s get crunching!

At Yummy Bazaar, you will find the crispiest German chips in so many different flavors that you’ll have a hard time choosing your new favorite. So let’s start with classic taste. Lorenz Naturals Classic Chips are made from high-quality ingredients only. Plus, they are baked in sunflower oil, not fried. So, it’s yummier and crispier than usual. We have another classic flavor for you. If you feel like snacking, try the best German sea salt and pepper chips, but make sure you save some for your sports-loving friends cause they’ll enjoy snacking on these while watching exciting games too! We totally understand if you don’t feel like sharing your chips with others, none of us do, to be honest. That’s why you should get just as good and yummy Lorenz Saltletts Cocktail Pretzel Bar Cracker mix for them!

If you want your chips to be on a spicier side, you can choose Lorenz Paprika Chips or super crunchy paprika Crunchips. Those go great with German beer and our favorite chip dip sauce! Don’t be intimidated. It’s super easy to make. Guaranteed you have all the ingredients at home. So, get mayo, fresh herbs, sour cream, and seasoning, and mix them in a bowl. There you have it - simple but flavorful dipping sauce that will go great with German paprika spicy chips.

If you want something even more spicy and hot, then Lorenz Hot & Spicy Pomsticks with chili powder are a match made in heaven!

Now let’s hear for everyone’s favorite - delicious sour cream flavor. It’s every snackaholics dream for sour cream chips to never run out. Well, get Lorenz Sour Cream Pomsticks and get a lot of them cause you get free shipping on orders over $59!  

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