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Indulge yourself in a delicious Taiwanese street-style snacking experience - shop Fuji tea eggs online!

Taiwan is known for its impressive variety of street food, but for those of you who can’t try out the real Taiwanese snacking experience, we decided to bring one of the most unique street-style snacks - Taiwanese tea eggs. Our selection of Fuji Taiwanese boiled eggs will bring you all the Taiwanese favorites in one place!

What’s so special about Fuji tea eggs? Before we answer that question, let’s talk about how they’re made. The process is quite simple, and it involves a unique halogen technology where eggs are boiled in different kinds of teas, seasonings, and sugar while maintaining that distinct egg flavor and fully embodied tea aroma. Each egg is perfectly sealed in a pack to bring you the most unique Asian snacking experience filled with nutrients and rich flavors.

Widely enjoyed by everyone, Fuji tea eggs are native to Taiwan and carry a distinct flavor of luscious tea. If you’re looking for a perfectly balanced flavor ideal for early morning breakfasts and late afternoon snacks, grab a pack of soft-boiled Fuji Taiwanese tea eggs perfectly packed, allowing you to carry this scrumptious snack wherever you go. If you’d prefer a hard-boiled egg, then get a pack of Fuji Taiwanese boiled eggs.

Want something spicier? We have the most delicious hard-boiled Fuji spicy tea eggs spiced to perfection with Chinese spices and sauce. Spicy Taiwanese tea eggs not only make for an excellent snack on the go but also a great addition to your rice as well as veggie dishes. Add some teriyaki sauce on top and enjoy extra flavors even on the busiest days!

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