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Mochi, Traditional Japanese Sweet Rice Cake

Mochi is a type of wagashi, a traditional Japanese sweet snack typically enjoyed with green tea. While mochi used to be a simple treat at the beginning, made with the only mochigome (glutinous rice powder), water, and sugar as a sweetener, it has gone through significant changes over the years. Nowadays, there are over a dozen distinct types of mochi, and they come in multiple flavors, from fruits to vanilla to chocolate.

Admittedly, Azuki red beans remain the most popular mochi flavor, with sweet Anko paste used as a filling for multiple mochi varieties. You can find it in our Daifuku mochi selection along with other classic flavors like matcha or sesame and more modern varieties like orange or chestnut. Also, check out the Yatsuhashi mochi, a unique regional take on Anko-filled mochi from Kyoto.

If you’re already a classic mochi lover and are interested in trying lesser-known varieties, take a loot at the Warabi mochi, a chewy jelly-like snack from the Kansai region, oak leaf-wrapped Kashiwa mochi with its distinct fresh and grassy aroma, or Ohagi mochi, wrapped in sweet thick Anko paste, an opposite of Daifuku.

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Yummy Bazaar’s mission is to make gourmet food and ingredients from all over the world easily accessible. We host a carefully assembled collection of fresh Japanese mochi, one of the most varied you’ll find online. Shop classic Daifuku mochi or Ohagi mochi, along with regional favorites like Kansai’s Warabi mochi or Kyoto’s Yatsuhashi mochi, and have them delivered to your doorstep. Simply stock the cart, and we’ll take care of the rest.