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French seasoning is always bold, never bland!

No cuisine is made perfect without its own perfect selection of herbs and spices. While making up the smallest additions to our meals, they also pack some of the most significant punches when it comes to flavor. The right balance of seasoning can be the difference between an exquisite meal and an utter disappointment. And while all the ingredients are pretty important, none of them are complete without their complementary mix of herbs and spices. So when it comes to choosing your little helpers, it’s essential to go for the most aromatic and flavorful selections that will enhance your cooking to an entirely new level.

With our collection of French herbs, spices, and seasoning, your home will smell like the most incredible Parisian restaurant. So take your picks and equip your pantry with everything you’ll ever need to cook up a storm.

When it comes to something as delicate as herbs and spices, it’s important to start with the basics. These are the additions that give every meal its unique and recognizable flavor. So instead of diving straight into the deep end, it might be better to start small with tried and tested classics. From Albert Menes’ French thyme to dried coriander leaves, ground turmeric, and mixed dried peppers, we’ve got everything you might need to build up a spice cabinet that can concur all.

However, if you’re already a seasoned cook (pun very much so intended), you probably have enough confidence to venture out to some of the more adventurous flavors. How about a beautiful mix of French flower petals to add some class to your salads? Or maybe you are looking for some zingy and bright tastes to enhance your dishes and enrich your bakes? In that case, we can offer you anything from French orange zest to tomato with salted basil, seaweed mix, and French lemon zest. As for those days when we all crave some warming, soothing flavors and holiday spirit, go for the best ground cinnamon or ginger to create festive and aromatic combinations.

A French spice mix for every occasion?

Whether you’re cooking up a steak, fish, pizza, or a stir-fry, Anysetiers du Roy has got your back. Their impeccable spice blends come in clay and stoneware pots that you can refill and reuse. All the spices are tried and tested in their restaurant, so by putting your trust in them, you can be sure that every meal will taste like a festive explosion of flavors.

These French seasoning options are bound to transform your cooking into an unforgettable experience. So don’t hesitate, go through our selection and find out which combination of flavors has the potential of becoming your culinary secret.

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