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The meaty bite of Italian Bella di Cerignola is the ultimate must-try!

Founded in 1890, the Fratepietro family business has been leading the market ever since, excelling in their olive products’ quality, taste, and convenience! Carefully pruning the trees, harvesting only the premium quality olives, and selling the freshest ingredients is what makes Fratepietro stand out! So, if you’re looking for the best Italian olive products, Fratrepietro is your answer! We’re happy to carry Bella di Cerignola - the largest olives in the world at the most affordable price!

With Yummy Bazaar, even your martini olives can be exquisite! That's why we are introducing Fratepietro Cerignola olives, sourced from the beautiful region of Italy, Puglia! Their bright green color might catch your eye and hypnotize you, but just try to take a bite! Enormous in size, Fratepietro Bella di Cerignolas have the meatiest texture, excellent to snack on! The yummy brine of Fratepietro Italian green olives keeps them fresh and firm, so if you’re looking for the perfect Martini olives, we're confident that Cerignola is your best option! However, these large green Italian olives are unbelievably versatile in their application: they serve as the excellent add-in to your salads; charged with a zesty kick, they will be perfect for green olive tapenade or even your pasta dishes! However, we have to admit, since these Italian delights are the absolute best to nibble on, they are also dangerously moreish! So, stock up and garnish your drinks and meals with Fratepietro!

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