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Start your day with authentic French jam from Francis Miot!

If there's a way to brighten up your winter mornings with the freshest delicate flavors, it's definitely a touch of sweet fruit jam on a perfectly toasted slice of bread. Jams and preserves are absolute works of art that provide a comforting fruity touch to a myriad of desserts and heartwarming drinks. While we all know that nothing can beat the invitingly toothsome spreads our grandmas used to make for us as little kids, we are confident that our selection of Francis Miot fruit confiture will deliver the most scrumptious experience that comes pretty close to our nanas’ creations!

Francis Miot is a triple world champion jam-maker who has been crafting some of the finest artisanal French fruit preserves loved and adored by the whole nation. With over 35 years of experience, Francis Miot has mastered the art of crafting some of the most unique jam combinations that conquered the hearts of many, making him one of the most famous jam makers in France, often referred to as "The Pope of Jams."

The center of our selection is Francis Miot Kisses preserve made with an exquisite blend of peach and clementine fruits, resulting in a happy marriage of fruit juices that will instantly make jam fans fall in love. Even its name" bisous," meaning "kisses," adds a romantic feel that France is characterized by. With its delicate notes of sweetness from clementines and peaches, this artisanal cane sugar jam will instantly please your palate with enjoyably warm flavors. It's the perfect topping to enhance waffles, crepes, and of course, your simple everyday toasts with! But the possibilities don't end there! You can also use Francis Miot peach and clementine jam as a sweetener for oatmeal, yogurt, or any other breakfast option. The possibilities are endless! One thing that's for sure is that this jam will be an absolute treat to even the pickiest of palates!

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