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We’ve got the most exciting surprise for chocoholics, collectors, AND choco-collectors! On our digital shelves, you will be able to find the real national treasure - Fort Knox milk chocolate gold bars and coins, prettified with American insignia, ready to become your signature stocking-stuffer! If you were looking for the most valuable delicious treats - eureka! - you’ve come to the right place!

At Yummy Bazaar, we have the most delicious take on gold coins that every collector needs in their collection. Fort Knox chocolate gold coins are individually wrapped to resemble one of the most valuable gifts for every numismatist - the Kennedy fifty-cent! First minted in 1964, the Kennedy fifty-cent coin quickly vanished from circulation, but don’t worry - with Fort Knox, it’s guaranteed you will never run out of these delights! Plus, it’s nearly five times bigger than the original coin, so you are getting a better deal here - a one-of-a-kind coin made from premium Belgian milk chocolate that’s guaranteed to become your kid’s favorite treat! Order these delights right now to throw one of the most exciting parties ever! Or just keep these flashy treats in your pocket to get that instant reaction from your friends or coworkers

To really coin your love for the USA Fort Knox army (and Belgian chocolate, too), you must also get your hands on Fort Knox Tower Box! This Belgian treat is bound to become a show-stopper at any party - don’t forget, Fort Knox Belgian chocolate coins look just like real things, so it’s perfect for a fun gambling game! Fort Knox coins are the absolute best for adding that holiday spirit to your parties while playing Dreidel! We know it might sound (just a little bit) mean, but tricking your drunk friends into thinking these Fort Knox coins are real might become one of the best memories! Just imagine the face they’ll make once you take the most generous bite of these chocolate delights!

Oh, and we almost forgot about Fort Knox chocolate gold bars - one more national treasure on Yummy Bazaar’s digital shelves, waiting to indulge your taste buds with rich Belgian chocolate! Grab a pack or two to treat your loved ones to the most remarkable gifts for their birthday, golden anniversaries, or new year! For a wealth of sweet treats, you must also get your hands on Fort Knox chocolate gold ingots, creamy, delicious, and unique delights! These gold ingots are your ultimate investment option - trust us, Belgian chocolate will never lose its value because it really is worth its weight in gold!

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